Superfood – healthy eating and drinking

Our working lives are often hectic. And we frequently fall short when it comes to a healthy diet. What we eat affects our well-being and performance.  

When time is limited, it’s also important to eat healthily and to eat well. Superfoods grown locally, freshly prepared and seasonally balanced, are a clever way to strengthen your immune system. You can find some suggestions here.

Locally sourced power

Acai and quinoa are known as superfoods. They sound exotic and are healthy, but they are imported from a long way away. However, you can also find healthy food in your own local area. Linseed, for example, has a higher proportion of omega-3 fatty acids than Chia seeds. Sea buckthorn, rose hip and blackcurrant are a good substitute for exotic fruits such as goji berries.

Seasonal all-rounders

Superfoods can be found at any time of year. Take account of what your body needs and what superfoods are available at each time of year.

  • Kale and spinach strengthen muscle development and our body’s defences during winter.
  • Fresh rhubarb, which keeps our blood pressure stable and protects our immune system, is only available in spring.
  • A fresh salad, low in calories and fat, is recommended on hot summer days. Pumpkin, which protects against prostate cancer, is available in autumn.

Fresh lunch snack

Avoid an unbalanced diet. When high performance is required, it is important to have a balanced, nutritious diet. Freshly prepared dishes, with fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products, provide the energy you need for your daily life. It is also helpful to pre-cook. You can prepare a delicious spread or some muesli at home and take it with you to the office.

Light meal in the evening

In the evening, don’t consume any heavy, fatty or sugary foods. These can be difficult for your body to digest, which can result in sleep disorders and obesity. Light soups, such as tomato, broccoli or chard, are ideal. They are filling and easy to digest, and the vegetable content helps to strengthen your immune system. In general, it is recommended to chew each bite long and thoroughly. This makes it easier to digest, intensifies the flavour and releases more nutrients.